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Our selection for: Alberto Giacometti - Harlequin with Guitar circa 1936 - 1940, original drawing

This month, we propose an exceptional original drawing by Giacometti.

This one reprises a recurrent theme throughout modern art history: the Harlequin, poetic figure with mutiple connotations who has often fascinated artists wishing to represent stage performances in their works.

The reference is double here, since this drawing by the artist known mainly for his sculptures is a direct tribute to his friend André Derain's original painting.
Indeed, the two artists meet in 1933 and their friendship is immediate: their correspondences, dialogues and above all their works bear witness to their mutual admiration in terms of style and subject-matter.

A beautiful tribute reinterpreting Derain while retaining the sketching quality particular to Giacometti in the construction of the drawing and its execution.

An exhibition at the Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris will be devoted to the relations between Giacometti, Derain and Balthus, from June 2017 onwards.

Alberto Giacometti
Harlequin with Guitar circa 1936 - 1940,
Dimensions: 33 x 25 cm,
Provenance: Isabel RAWSTHORNE; Private collection
Certified by the Fondation Giacometti (under the number AGD3565)

Bibliography : Labyrinth, Geneva, number 10, 15th July 1945

Tribute to the harlequin by André Derain (based on the painting kept at the National Gallery of Washington DC USA/Chester Dale Collection 1963.10.129)