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BAGUE en or 750 ( 18 KT ) de style Art déco SAPHIR Cabochon de 1,71 Carat et calbrés + DIAMANTS . CERTIFICAT GEMMOLOGIQUE

BAGUE en or 750 ( 18 KT ) de style Art déco ornée en son centre d un SAPHIR Cabochon de 1,71 Carat ( SAPHIR naturel et NON CHAUFFE et origine SRI LANKA ) , entourage de SAPHIRS Calibrés et de


POIDS du SAPHIR de Centre : 1.71 Carats ( NON CHAUFFE ) + entourage 0.68 Carats
POIDS des DIAMANTS : 0.38 Carat
POIDS de la Bague : 4.88 Grammes

TOUR de doigt de la Bague : 56 - Mise à taille possible et gratuite ( + ou moins 3 tailles )

HAUTEUR de la Bague : 14 mm

POINCON d ETAT d OR présent sur ce bijou

Le bijou est livré avec un écrin
This item is sold by a professional art dealer who guaranties its authenticity.

Gold : Because of the softness of pure gold, it is alloyed with silver, copper or palladium. The proportion of these other metals give yellow, white gold. Without precision, the gold used in jewelry is 18 K, corresponding to 75% pure gold.
Cabochon cut : Means a polished dome shaped gemstone stone, without facet.
Sapphire : Sapphire is a gemstone of the family of the mineral corundum. The most famous color for Sapphire is blue, but trace amounts of other elements can give yellow, purple, orange, or greenish sapphires. In the case of chromium impurities in corundum it would be called a called a Ruby. Sapphires are found in Sri Lanka, Myanmar or Australia.
Carat : The carat (ct) is a unit of mass equal to 2 g. Carat is used for measuring the weight of gemstones.

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