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BAGUE en or gris 750 ( 18 KT ) TOURMALINE et TOPAZE bleue de taille coeur DIAMANTS . CERTIFICAT GEMMOLOGIQUE

BAGUE en or gris 750 ( 18 KT ) de forme jonc ornée en son centre d 'une TOURMALINE et d une TOPAZE bleue de taille coeur

Vendu avec son CERTIFICAT GEMMOLOGIQUE : GIL JEW201701061243
POIDS de la TOURMALINE : 0,59 Carats
POIDS de la TOPAZE Bleue : 0,47 Carats
POIDS des DIIAMANTS : 0,39 Carats tres belle qualité
POIDS de la BAGUE : 3,2 Grammes

TOUR de doigt de la Bague : 54 - Mise à Taille possible et gratuite ( + ou moins 2 tailles )

HAUTEUR de la Bague : 18 mm

POINCON d ETAT d OR est présent sur ce bijou

LIVRE avec un ecrin
This item is sold by a professional art dealer who guaranties its authenticity.

Grey gold : Grey gold is obtained by adding silver, manganese and copper in specific ratios to the gold alloy.
Diamond : In mineralogy, diamond is an extremely rare, precious and hard (named after the ancient Greek "unbreakable") metastable allotrope of carbon, where the carbon atoms are arranged in a variation of the face-centered cubic crystal structure called a diamond lattice.
Size : Ring size. It is often possible to reduce or enlarge the size of the ring.
Gold : Because of the softness of pure gold, it is alloyed with silver, copper or palladium. The proportion of these other metals give yellow, white gold. Without precision, the gold used in jewelry is 18 K, corresponding to 75% pure gold.
Topaz : Topaz is a silicate mineral of aluminium. Imperial topaz is yellow, pink (rare, if natural) or pink-orange. Brazilian Imperial Topaz can often have a bright yellow to deep golden brown hue, sometimes even violet. Many brown or pale topazes are treated to make them bright yellow, gold, pink or violet colored. Naturally occurring blue topaz is quite rare. Typically, colorless, gray or pale yellow and blue material is heat treated and irradiated to produce a more desired darker blue.

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