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White gold ring 18 ct 1 diamond approx 0.40 ct and 12 diamonds approx. 0,01 ct each or approx. 0.12 ct in total and 12 princess sapphires

White gold ring 18 ct (750/1000)

Size: EU: 48 US: 4 1/2
Weight: 7 gr

12 diamonds approx. 0,01 ct each or approx. 0.12 ct in total
12 princess sapphires
1 diamond approx 0.40 ct

Diamond colour: H
Diamond clarity: SI

High length of the ring approx. 0.6 cm

Condition: New
Secure dispatch
Possibility of size adjustment offered*, ask before dispatch.
Vintage jewel, see photos to form your own impression.
(*inner size adjustment offered, for the addition of gold we ask for additional fees, ask before dispatch)
This item is sold by a professional art dealer who guaranties its authenticity.

Carat : The carat (ct) is a unit of mass equal to 2 g. Carat is used for measuring the weight of gemstones.
Sapphire : Sapphire is a gemstone of the family of the mineral corundum. The most famous color for Sapphire is blue, but trace amounts of other elements can give yellow, purple, orange, or greenish sapphires. In the case of chromium impurities in corundum it would be called a called a Ruby. Sapphires are found in Sri Lanka, Myanmar or Australia.
Yellow gold : Yellow 18K gold is an alloy contianing 75% of pure gold, whereas 14K gold contains only 58,5% of pure gold.

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